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Benoit Viellefon

Artist, singer & musician

Benoit Viellefon is a French singer and guitarist established in the UK. Specialised in 1920's 1930's and 1940's music, Benoit is resident at Ronnie Scotts and other famous clubs. Benoit appears in many Hollywood films, TV and radio productions, festivals, and performed for VIP such as Madonna, the Queen, or the Kremlin. He often tours with his 3 bands: The Orchestra, The Hot Club, The Trio.

Contact: Benoit Viellefon

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Benoit's World News #7 - March 2024



I just came back from France. Because tragedy struck, I had to spend most of February and March over there, not that I dislike it, but I would have rather played some good music for good people. In any…

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Benoit's World News #6 - January 2024




2023 is gone, happy new year 2024. I hope it will be good one.

I have spent the festivities under the weather. I am sorry not to have sent the newsletter in time, but as you could see in…

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Benoit's World News #5 - November 2023






I just came back from Japan. So the first thing I did when I got home after a 36h trip from the other side of the world via Tokyo and Shangai was not to have a shower, nor to…

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Benoit's World News #4 - October 2023



Hello folks.

I only have a couple of hours left before I fly to Japan so I’ll try to keep it short, and hopefully free of typos and French humour.

I have not written anything since june, which is a…

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Benoit's World News #3 - June 2023



All Disasters come in batch of three, so the saying goes.

So I am proud to deliver the third issue of my newsletter, in time and hopefully without typos. Quite a few people wrote to me to express their satisfaction…

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